A family business that will work hard for your business, and your family! Thank you kindly for visiting our site. Whether it be a new wheel, carburetor, or even windshield wiper, we have the right part for you. Commercial, agricultural, or personal? We are your men.

Why do business with us?

We are closely knit family operation with a combined experience of 1/4 century in auto repairs, detailing, sales, you name it. We live and breathe auto parts.As brothers, we were taught at a young age the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction to the Nth degree. Our father owned a Greek restaurant, at which both of us worked throughout our entire lives. he instilled in us an important lesson upon which our business thrives: if you don’t take care of the customer, someone else will.At a very young age, we observed one dissatisfied customer who had been patronizing our dad’s restaurant for many years.

All it took was one bad experience with an unprofessional waiter to send him and his family elsewhere to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner from That point on. To this day, that experience haunts us, but also shaped us to become 100 percent hands on in our business. We don’t trust anyone but ourselves to get the jobs done, and thankfully, we are the bosses. If we don’t make you happy, we pay dearly!We specialize in providing the most personal of touches to your needs. We respond immediately.We have over 500,000 auto parts in our inventory. And if we don’t have it, we get it… fast! We do not waste our time, energy, or resources on renting out oversized warehouses and unnecessary manpower. Instead, we use cutting edge technology and old fashioned business sense to get the job done.

Thank you, and we look forward to doing business with you and your family.

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    Return or exchange any item within 30 days of delivery. Item must be in original condition and packaging, unopened and uninstalled, including all original materials supplied with the item. Returns that do not meet these criteria can be denied. Items returned for warranty may be exchanged or refunded at our discretion.
    Items can be returned for any other reason within 30 days but The consumer is responsible for shipping costs and will be charged 10% restocking fee
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, feel free to contact us